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‘Tis the season to treat yourself.

Okay, that’s not how the saying normally goes; but, in the midst of buying so many gifts and constantly thinking of others, sometimes a little self-care can be key during the holidays.

Taking a single yoga class, going for a hike and getting some fresh air, or staying in for a night to pamper yourself can all act like Band-aids to holiday stress.

But if you are in need of a small vacation or a stress-free weekend to get away from it all, a yoga retreat might be the best way for you to treat yourself and keep yourself from falling apart during the holidays. A little time off to center yourself can make all the difference when dealing with finals, in laws or family reunions!

Here are three of our favorite yoga retreats:

1. 8 Days New Year’s Rockin’ Retreat in Costa Rica

Head to where the jungle meets the beach for daily yoga, lounge time, and meditation. Picture serene mornings where you wake up and walk along the beach, with the only sounds you hear including the waves crashing and a few birds chirping in the background. Maybe in the afternoon you’ll find yourself on a surf trip to a famous local spot, lying in a hammock with a good book, or bird watching on a hike in the vibrantly green jungle. Oh and in case you didn’t know this, January in Costa Rica calls for tanning oil and floppy hats- sun and warmth usually all year round. Sign us up!

2. Surf City Community Surf Trips

This boutique fitness studio where HIIT workouts and circuit training all take place on a stationary surfboard (similar to a balance board) also takes members on group surfing trips around the world. Take time off to relax on the water and work on your surfing skills with a group! Who knows where their next trip might be- Bali? Hawaii? South Africa? You will not only get some time off to relax on the water, but hopefully you will become a part of a new community as well. Sounds great to us!

3. 4 Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Thailand

For a shorter trip, take a long weekend and head to Thailand for a yoga retreat. Just four days of meditation and time in this tropical country will do you some good during the holidays. And trust us, the plane ticket prices might be a little steep but it is worth every penny. Four days spent in relaxation does wonders for your physical and mental health and that’s what is so valuable.

If you are looking for other recommendations, Well and Good constantly posts lists for their favorite wellness retreats. Click here to find out more.

Or, if taking a trip isn’t feasible right now, keep checking our blog because we have a staycation guide coming up soon! No need to travel the world if you can find the same sense of peace and quiet at home.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself- Joli on the inside, Joli on the outside ladies.

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